Available to order from The Smokers’ Helpline

We’re pleased to be able to offer a large library of Smokers’ Helpline promotional items and smoking cessation print materials, most are free of charge.

Some examples of print materials and information kits that we have available include: Quit-Smoking Resources, CARE Program Resources, and Workplace Resources.

Most of the information contained within these materials is also available through this website. However, if you prefer to have copies of the written material available for reference or for hand-out, then feel free to give the Helpline a call to order a supply.

Promotional items available include magnets, pens and post-it notepads. These are great to offer as prizes at special events. (Please note: supplies are limited and the Helpline has different promotional items available at different times. For a complete list of available materials, please call the Helpline or visit the office in person to browse our library.)

To order print materials or promotional items, please call the Smokers’ Helpline at 1-800-363-5864.