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mental health or addictions

Find the Right Mental Health or Addictions Service

Websites of the Regional Health Authorities and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador have up-to-date information for you. Along with regional services, there are many mental health and addictions services that are provincially available:

 ‘In An Emergency’
 Help Lines and Navigator
 Online Supports
 Counselling Options
 Hospital Care
 Treatment Centres
 Opioids and Naloxone
 Mental Health Promotion and Addiction Prevention
 Housing Services
 Resources for Physicians and Service Providers

For quick access to service descriptions and referral forms please visit the website for your region:

Labrador-Grenfell Health:
Central Health:
Western Health:
Eastern Health:
Government of NL:

Also, includes a provincial Service Directory and online supports.

Summer Jobs 2019

The Smokers’ Helpline will be hiring a summer student to provide assistance with delivering and promoting Helpline services. Work tasks may include: providing quit-smoking information to clients, communicating with partner organizations, preparing packages of resources, assisting with research projects,

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