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Feel to Heal

The more in tune and comfortable we become with our emotional selves, the more we are able to allow adverse thoughts and feelings to pass without impulsively reacting to them.

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Morning Makeover

Are you waking up each morning to immediately reach for that cigarette to begin your day? The mindset in which you start your day can have a profound impact…

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Food for Thought

Just as the food you ingest impacts your energy, the thoughts you ingest also impact your energy. We have to be careful what we feed our minds.

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Slow and Steady

We all have heard the story about the Tortoise and the Hare. How often do we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others? Be kind to your mind.

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Ask yourself where you are on the self-compassion scale. Do you think you could benefit from a ‘self-compassion lift’ to help boost your recovery?

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