Could A Mindful Morning Makeover Be Your First Step to Freedom?

Are you waking up each morning to immediately reach for that cigarette to begin your day? It is no secret that we are habitual beings. Much of our lives could be compared to operating on autopilot. And as soon as we deviate from our personal course we feel a sense of inner turbulence which prompts us to descend back into our conditioned patterns. Change is uncomfortable even when it benefits us. And how we structure our day is a key aspect of the recovery process. Sometimes we just need to re-direct our course.  This is a capacity that we all possess despite the conditioning of our minds and the habits we have formed.

People who mindfully makeover their morning tend to establish healthy emotional and physical boundaries. They also begin to further develop their ability to refuse instant gratification and temporary indulgences as they re-condition themselves to focus on and remain committed to their long-term goals. Their mantra tends to become one of “faith over fear” as they recognize how discomfort is often a pre-requisite to growth and how self-discipline is often an important step on their path to freedom.

When you wake up do you find yourself in a battle of resistance? Do you hit the snooze button several times or just feel rushed when do you get up to start your day? The mindset in which you start your day can have a profound impact on your life and your goals. Ask yourself if your morning routine is serving you on your smoke-free journey. If it could use a Mindful Makeover, here are some tips that may help re-direct your course:

  • Getting up 15 minutes earlier to start your day with a walk, meditation or other mindful exercise can help set a new tone for your day. Remember that the first 5 minutes is the hardest part of getting up in the morning.
  • While adequate sleep and rest are important, keeping yourself hydrated is essential for preservation of energy and is often overlooked. Starting your day with a glass of water instead of a cigarette is another commitment you could try to mindfully makeover your morning.
  • Starting your day with a positive affirmation that resonates with you can also help start your day on a positive note as it enables you to be more intentional about your goals. It can also assist you with starting your day with a sense of encouragement and enthusiasm. After all, as the affirmation by Ralph Waldo Emerson states “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Imagine the possibilities when you affirm that you are an enthusiastic morning person!