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Getting Support
We understand that pregnant women face a number of challenges when it comes to quitting smoking. In addition to the physical addiction that makes it hard to quit for any smoker, pregnant women may face stigma and feelings of guilt. They may feel that people around them have a negative view of pregnant women who smoke and this may contribute to feelings of guilt as they feel they aren’t able to “do the right thing”. As well, for some women, pregnancy may be a very stressful time as they consider all of the changes that are about to happen in their life. We strongly encourage pregnant women to speak to their healthcare provider about their efforts to quit smoking–a doctor, nurse or pharmacist or other healthcare provider is a source of valuable, helpful information. Other sources of support may include friends, family, and healthy baby clubs.

Nicotine replacement therapy (such as the nicotine gum, inhaler, lozenge and patch) may be considered if the woman have tried a variety of strategies with no success. These quit-smoking products may be used during pregnancy after the first trimester. Other quit-smoking medications (Champix and Zyban) may not be recommended during use during pregnancy since they have not yet been tested for this population. Pregnant women should speak with their doctor for more information.

For more information, practical tips, encouragement and support, connect with the Helpline.

Call 1-800-363-5864 (or call the number on the cigarette pack) or Text 709-700-7002

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