Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is looking for men in the Atlantic provinces interested in telling their health story for their “Don’t Change Much” campaign. Their video crew would spend one day with the chosen candidate filming their story. They’re hoping these videos will help men who are uncomfortable asking for help. The story is about making one small change to improve health.

The chosen candidate is:

· from the Atlantic provinces

· making small changes to improve his health

· concentrating on any of these changes – quit smoking, getting more active, eating better, improving sleep, reducing alcohol consumption, doing something to change his mental health etc

· relatable to Canadian men, and feeling positive about his efforts

· between the ages of 30 and 50ish

Here are some examples of previous videos created:

Allan Laplante, Ottawa:

Matheiu Bedard, Montreal:

If interested, please contact Karen at or 1-519-742-7912