'Win' by Quitting Smoking - the 'Slow and Steady' Approach

We all have heard the story about the Tortoise and the Hare. How often do we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others?

Perhaps you know someone who quit smoking quickly without much effort, and you lost track of all your personal failed attempts and as a result are considering throwing in the towel?

Before you give up remember that things are not always as they appear. We live in a world where there appears to be a need for speed- a world that tends to equate how fast something can be done with success and victory. When you are tempted to quit quitting because you are discouraged with the lack of instant success from your quit attempts, remember the Tortoise! While the Hare became complacent and had taken shortcuts, the Tortoise remained focused and attentive on the goal. The Tortoise’s mantra was clearly “Faith over Fear” as he mindfully focused on the journey ahead, believed in the value of consistency and exercised patience that proved to be a virtue when he reached his destination.

The Tortoise was fully present and accepted the challenges on his path without judgment and did not worry about the expected instant achievement of the Hare. The road to recovery may have some rugged terrain and the path may be dark at times but no matter how far along you are nor how many detours or stops you have to make, keep going! The best investment you can make is in yourself. Instead of looking for a shortcut to recovery remember the victorious mindful journey of the Tortoise and ask yourself what small step you can take today on your path to freedom.

Remember this:
If you want to leave cigarettes behind, be kind to your mind. As you steady the mind’s pace, you can win the race