Quit smoking with a proven program: Walk or Run to Quit

This program is a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room. It supports the use of walking or running to help people quit smoking. Over the course of 10 weekly sessions, Training Program participants get step-by-step instructions to learn to walk or run consistently for 5 km plus practical resources to help them quit smoking. Incentive prizes are part of the program for both smokers and their Buddies (friends & family who join the program to support).

Walking and running can make quitting smoking easier by taking the edge off cravings and withdrawal symptoms while giving smokers a positive outlet for stress. The social and peer support of group training is key to helping participants succeed in sticking to their goals.

Walk or Run to Quit is available as a coach-led, 10-week training program In-Store at local Running Rooms across Canada ($69.99+ tax) or as a web-based Virtual program ($49.99+ tax). Also available is a free Train On Your Own option, which does not include the full 10-week training curriculum or personalized coaching.

NEW!!! In April, a limited number of 100% sponsored training program spots are available at $0.00 with coupon code WRTQ18

There is an In-Store Program starting Apr. 23 at the St. John’s Running Room at 5:30pm.

We have seen impressive results from the training programs in the first 2 years both in terms of cessation outcomes and physical activity levels. Six-month follow up with participants who completed the Spring 2017 in-store training program indicate:

• 98% would recommend the program to a friend wanting to quit
• 97% reported it was beneficial or very beneficial for increasing physical activity
• 88% reduced their smoking because of the program
• 85% reported it was very beneficial in helping them quit smoking
• 46% had quit smoking for at least 7 days when interviewed at the end of the program

To learn more and to register, go to runtoquit.com

This Checklist can help participants get on track with the process and provides a reminder about dates.