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Call 1-800-363-5864

or call the phone number on the cigarette pack to directly connect to the

Newfoundland and Labrador Smokers’ Helpline

Easy to access

We're ready to help you take the next step in your quit journey.

Helpful information & quit tips

Find out more about quit-smoking medications and learn some new ways to get through cravings and withdrawal.

Follow-up support calls available

You may receive ongoing support through weekly follow-up calls to help you stay on track and find successful strategies along the way.


The Helpline follows the NL Personal Health Information Act and all of the information you share is protected and secure.

Based right here in St. John's, NL

You'll reach a quit coach right here in this province. Find out more about programs available being offered in various regions of the province.

Here’s how we can help:


  • Online web app
  • Free & easy to register
  • Track your progress
  • See your $ savings
  • Get encouragement & tips from other users
  • Stay motivated and on track
  • Receive notifications by email or text


Text 709-700-7002

  • Daily quit tips (for up to 12 weeks)
  • Live support - text back to receive answers to any questions or to get some extra personalized support & encouragement
  • Reminders, facts & links to more resources
  • Discontinue at anytime


  • Weekly emails (1 per week for 5 weeks)
  • Walks you through the process of quitting and provides key information for each stage
  • Another easy way to stay in touch with the Helpline
  • Email your quit coach back for extra help along the way

Online Group Program

Connect with others and get valuable support with quitting.

  • 4 interactive online sessions
  • Private online group (through Helpline website or Facebook, depending preference of participants)
  • Hand-outs
  • Group support
  • Additional 'Mini sessions' on quit-smoking topics

The Helpline’s next Online Group will be starting Apr. 6th, 2020, and will run for 4 weeks. Register now and you will be contacted by email approximately 3 weeks before the start date.

Web App


Updates and stats to help track your progress


Encouragement and tips from other users

Fun tools

Including: 'Distract Me' and 'Motivate Me' to help get through cravings

Savings Calculator

See how much money you're saving as you cut back and quit.

Support under NLPDP

Referral Program

Featured Articles

"New Look of Nicotine Addiction"

On Feb. 12th, the NL Alliance for the Control of Tobacco launched a new public awareness campaign on youth vaping prevention

Warning - Vape Products

Health Canada advises people who use vaping products to monitor themselves for symptoms of pulmonary illness

Workplace Quit-Smoking Supports

The Smokers’ Helpline offers a variety of materials and program to workplaces to help support employees with living smokefree.

Quit Tips

Some quick tips to help you get started.

Quit Tips

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E-Cigarettes/ Vape Products

What you need to know

The Facts

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Pregnancy & Smoking

Learn more about the benefits of quitting at this time.


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Mental Health

Mental health, smoking & other addictions

Mental Health

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