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This week (Jan. 20th-26th) is National Non-Smoking Week


Have a question about quitting smoking? Call to speak to a quit coach 1-800-363-5864 or call the number on your cigarette pack.


Sign up online at for this free web app packed with fun features to keep you motivated & on track with quitting.





Receive daily texts (up to 12 weeks) to help you get motivated and stay on track. Try it out.  You can discontinue at any time.
Or text 709-7002




Receive weekly emails (1 per week for 5 weeks) with lots of helpful tips and information.  Respond to the Helpline’s emails and we’ll provide extra support as needed.

Support under NLPDP

Helping Women Live Smoke-Free Initiative

Resources & tools to help pregnant women quit smoking and stay smokefree.

Online Group

Free 4-week program, providing valuable information and support within an online group setting.  Register to join!

Information you can trust

Quit Tips

Some quick tips to get you started.

Quit Tips

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Savings Calculator

Have a look at the money you'll save by quitting!

Savings Calculator

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Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant?

Pregnancy & Smoking

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Mental Health

Mental health, smoking & other addictions.

Mental Health

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Quit Tips


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